Welcome to CRYPTOGRAB!

[beta version]

If you still have any questions or suggestions after reading this information - our support team will be happy to help you @cryptograb_support

  • Who we are?

    Our team has been involved in crypto scams since 2017. CRYPTOGRAB project was created to work with only 1 team of 4 people. Now we have done a lot of work and are glad to welcome new arbitrageurs and just people who want to make a profit on crypto.

  • How does it all work?
    There is nothing complicated or abstruse, the whole point is capturing private key phrases. A person enters data and our system works out the data.
    In the admin panel - you see all entries, regardless of whether they are correct or incorrect or just a set of characters.
    The data is filtered and then you get a screenshot of the bot.
    What is filtering?
    Duplicates do not go to check - If the data is in the database - it will not be checked again.
    Invalid values. How does the filter know it is invalid?
    The mnemonic phrasee\seed has a dictionary of words used. If you entered a set of characters that are not a word, it's invalid. Also, a character set of up to 3 or more than 16 is invalid.

  • Why us?
    I think the first thing to talk about is trust. Our team has been on the boards since we were 18 years old. But the time has passed when they trusted "reputation". Our project is completely transparent. Every time you contribute, you improve screen efficiency. We do not hide "invalid entries" and IP addresses from you. The project was completely open to its team. And so we decided to start an idea-a completely open project.
    We won't show any obvious signs, but it's not a secret that the majority of affiliate programs/TCs "deceive" us. This is unlikely; it's just physically impossible. Coder hacks and scams are, a priori, not about us. The project is written in BAS. The coder, completing the writing of the project, does not have access. available only on TS. We increase the activity of design. At the moment, more than 50 cool fakes are ready to go.
  • How much and when pay?
    Your order in the admin - and you will be paid 70% of the net amount - the commission deducted transaction.

    Details for withdrawal

    Filled a minimum of 1 address wallet, you can change only by contacting the administrator.
    In admin in the profile, you specify the purse where you will request a conclusion.
    On a choice there are three variants:
    You click "Request Payment" and within 24 hours the money is in your wallet

  • Where to get traffic? How to promote the website?
    We choose the design that we are going to promote.
    There may be many suggestions, as well as ways of promotion.
    You can receive a bonus, or you can write to people on Telegram with a request to "enter a promo code" and so on.
    Alternatively, you can pour targeted traffic to Cloudmining, HardFork, Givaway, CryptoCranes.
    Most of our designs are existing sites that have a lot of youtube vids and promotional material, which is not hard to find on google.

    We approve all types of traffic
    • Email - mailing
    • Doorways
    • Contextual advertising
    • Targeted advertising
    • Teaser Advertising
    • ClickUnder/PopUnder
    • Branded advertising

  • How to set up a design?
    Buy the right domain, you can use namecheap or any convenient registrar.
    You can buy your domain, which is best.
    Or you can use our free "freenom". Soon we will add the feature of getting a free domain.

    Add new domain
    Connect domain is available in two options, choose which one you want.
    Connect domain
    @CryptoGrabSite_bot go to the bot.
    Buy the desired domain, you can use namecheap or any convenient registrar.
    Send bot domain - it will give you DNS which you should connect to your host
    Connect the domain by IP.
    After linking the domain bot will give you our IP which you need to bind to your host.
    You can get free freenom.
    Next, go to setup domain.
    Set up your domain.
    Change/disable cloak
    We have two kinds of cloaks to choose from.
    1. Keitaro
    2. CloackIt
    Choose CloackIt, or there is an option without using CloackIt.
    If your traffic is not from google I recommend not using CloackIt.
    Then go to design selection.

    ● Install new design
    ●Add your domain, optional redirect.
    ●Choose a type of site for what type of site design will be loaded.
    We choose from the list of available designs at the moment.
    Designs in the list - a copy of the original sites - part of the designs and a description you can read here https://t.me/+8e9gXd6zhbY5MDY0
    Waiting until the design is installed and ready.
    Each design is automatically unique before being installed.
    File structure/names/classes and the code itself.
    You may change the current design of your domain at any time.
    You can change bot filter settings in the admin panel and view statistics from your domain.
    Every 70 minutes the bot will automatically check your domain for anti-virus detections through the avcheck service and for blocks from Cloudflare.
    You can also change your operating status to AFK - then pages with unwanted content will be hidden on your sites and bots will not be able to block your site.

    In general, here's a list of what we have in public crypto

    1. Venus [Web3]
    2. PancakeBunny [Web3]
    3. Spiritswap [Web3]
    4. SpookySwap [Web3]
    5. PancakeSwap [Web3]
    6. App.badger [Web3]
    7. Coin98 [Web3]
    8. cryptocars.me [Web3]
    9. cryptomines.app [Web3]
    10. Cryptozoon [Web3]
    11. ApeSwap [Web3]
    12. Aave [Web3]
    13. BakerySwap [Web3]
    14. BancorNetwork [Web3]
    15. BarnBridge [Web3]
    16. ShibaSwap [Web3]
    17. Synthetix [Web3]
    18. Oasis [Web3]
    19. Pancakes3 [Web3]
    20. Polygon [Web3]
    21. Solanium [Web3]
    22. Solongwallet [Web3]
    23. Uniswap2 [Web3]
    24. AlchemistFarm [Web3]
    25. AdamantFinance [Web3]
    26. Anchorprotocol [Web3]
    27. Bloxstaking [Web3]
    28. CreamFinance [Web3]
    29. ddex io [Web3]
    30. Deri Finance [Web3]
    31. dydx exchange [Web3]
    32. Fantom Foundation [Web3]
    33. Fei Protocol [Web3]
    34. HoneySwap [Web3]
    35. Kine io [Web3]
    36. lido fi [Web3]
    37. MarsInu [Web3]
    38. Matcha Wallet [Web3]
    39. AbracadabraMoney [Web3]
    40. Pangolin Exchange [Web3]
    41. Biswap [Web3]
    42. CompoundFinance [Web3]
    43. Hex com [Web3]
    44. OpenSea [Web3]
    45. Quickswap [Web3]
    46. TraderJoexyz [Web3]
    47. Raydium [Web3]
    48. WonderLand [Web3]
    49. WaultFinance [Web3]
    50. SushiSwap [Web3]
    51. RadioCaca [Web3]
    52. OlympusDao [Web3]
    53. TombFinance [Web3]
    54. Apollox [Web3]
    55. Naffiti [Web3]
    56. Theopendao [Web3]
    57. EllipsisFinance [Web3]
    58. HeroesEmpires [Web3]
    59. Seedify [Web3]
    60. sip [Web3]
    61. squid-nft [Web3]
    62. thecryptoyou [Web3]
    63. thewolfgang [Web3]
    64. spacecrypto [Web3]
    65. Ronin Axie [Web3]
    66. EthInvite [AppAdmin]
    67. AxieBox AirDrop [Web3]
    68. BombCryptoBox AirDrop [Web3]
    69. DecentralGames [Web3]
    70. Derace [Web3]
    71. Decentraland [Web3]
    72. Bored AirDrop [Web3]
    73. Shiba AirDrop [Web3]
    74. VodkaToken [Web3]
    75. BoredApe3 [Web3]
    76. Honeyminer [AppAdmin]
    77. MaskIo [AppAdmin]
    78. Avax [Web3]
    79. DefiKingdoms [Web3]

    Yes, we are ready to create a cryptofake on that subject, to which audience you have access. You need to show/prove that you have this traffic.

    Which GEO?

    United States
    United Arab Emirates
    Saudi Arabia
    Hong Kong
    New Zeland
  • How the beta differs from the main solution?
    The project was not made 1 day, but still requires modifications.
    Auto withdrawal is not automatic remove support port /admin 16 h online.
    There may be issues that you find, please tell the support team.
    Screenshots are taken via a mobile app supporting NFT, 53 blockchains, and over 100k coins.
    There are no chats and there never will be.
    Attempting to steal a design is a kick.
    Handing over access to admin or any other digital property will result in a ban.
    Any abusive/cheating attempts will result in a ban.
    Flooding the admin chat - ban
    Fake Minorium tokens and others - paid out if you want, subject to a fee on your part.
    Double transactions - not withdrawn - not paid
    Payouts will be made strictly to the details specified in the admin area.
    Before you start pouring traffic - always check the site - whether you come logs in the admin panel. Because of this, you have to watch.
How to setup Cloak?


1. Keitaro - is a service that no arbitrator can do without. This tracker allows you to deeply analyze all the launched campaigns, and most importantly Keitaro, allows you to track all the active campaigns in one place. You don't need to go into each affiliate program separately, just go into Keitaro and see all the results.

When you choose Keitaro, after installing the design on your domain, the bot will give you the Login and Password to the company and Link,

Where you will be able to fully configure it for you

(By default it's set to Google).

You can see a detailed guide on how to set up Keitaro here:



CLOAK IT - is a cloud-based cloaking service on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, Google.

1. Easy to use, everything is very simple, elementary, and without any extra headache.

2. Versatility, it works with both Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and Google.

Settings with multiple functions (page upload/redirect, GEO/IP/ISP filters, traffic source selection "Google, Facebook, etc.")

When choosing CLOAK IT after installing the design on your domain, the bot will give you the company ID and Link to the Telegram bot.

How do I link the Company ID to the bot?

Once the bot gives you the Company ID and link on the bot's telegram click:

- Add a new company

- Bind an existing company by ID

- Enter the ID the bot gave us earlier "DONE


- Download campaign config by pressing "📑Get current campaign config".

- Go to configurator: webappan.cf

- Load the config file you downloaded from the bot.

- Configure everything to your liking!!! Attention in the tab "Basic" does not change anything!!!

- Download the config by pressing "Download".

- Go into the bot click "📥-Change config for the campaign" enter Company ID and download the file we previously downloaded


What is an affiliate program?

If you have your team of referrals or want to create one, you have to contact support to get affiliate rights in your admin panel.

After the rights, you will have the button "Your referrals" where you can click on the link for the referral, as well as you can adjust the PERCENTAGE you want to receive.

Sources of traffic

Sources of traffic
Experience shows that the best and more profitable traffic is from search engine targeted advertising Google/Bing/Yahoo and so on.
You can get a lot of bang for your buck on spam. From Reddit to Discord\Telegram.
Don't forget you can use your design with our authorization!
Social networks.
Facebook, Discord, Twitter, etc.
In any social network, you like, or whatever you feel more comfortable working with.
Look for their crypto community, make a few accounts, pump these accounts (make a few friends, make a few posts on the main page of your profile (it is important not to make it all in one day, and stretch - people can pay attention to dates of posts, communicate in comments in our crypto communities, you can even communicate with yourself). After the time has passed - let's get to work. We can write personal messages in the comments (to those people who got in the comments of crypto communities).
Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Discord, and others.
Creating communities (groups).
You can: Send messages to users (by gathering your base/audience).
Invite people to your chat/channel (pre-or fill your chat with content, recruit views, recruit subscribers, create and recruit votes and reactions to posts, send ads to other users' chats and PMs).

Do you think email is dead and not relevant today? - this is a misconception. Mail is alive and gives a lot of quality traffic. Of course, the most important thing in mailings is your database! Buy it - yes, you can, but I do not recommend it =). A much better and more valuable base will be if you gather it yourself! This applies to all mailings, including messengers. What to spam/send? - Well, obviously (if you read 2 previous posts) - Your main task - is to entice users to go to fakes and links (for any further action - it's either buying some coins for a ridiculous 5-10$ or on staking to lure mammoth or gain access to any tool or just subscribe to a future listing of coins, etc. - use your imagination!
Pretend to be a support
Pretend to be a support service (tech support, admin).
Find and join groups, chats, communities of all crypto projects. Where to get crypto projects? - Here is coinmarketcap (dot) com. Your account name must have: Support project. OFFICIAL SUPPORT project / Admin project etc...
Uploading Videos to YouTube

Now a lot of popularity gained various crypto games such as AxieInfinity (800k people in the channel discord) or BomvCrypto (Holders:794,921) and so on - for some designs, we have video creatives - you put on youtube write tags, a bit of magic and...

Project for fully automated crypto trafficking. Our team has had extensive experience in this field since 2017. Working in our team, you can be sure of the honesty and development of our project.

CryptoGrab Affilate
Own solutions that make it possible to forget about hosting, cloacking and more.

Best offers in the crypto vertical with full control and openness.